• Are you ready to be your own boss and make a difference?
  • Do you seek a better work-life balance for you and your family?
  • Want to join us in creating joyful, educational adventures for children and families?

With our expert training and continuous support, we’ve got you covered!

Start your thriving business today!

5 Years of Award-Winning Messy Play: Where Creativity Meets Academic Excellence, Loved by All!

  • With comprehensive training and ongoing support, we’ll assist you in establishing a thriving business centred around your passion!
  • Join us and become a part of an engaging, educational, and joyous adventure that leaves a lasting impression on children and families alike.

Kate and her team are just fantastic! She spends so much time getting to know parents/carers and children on an individual level. And the mess is always fun and changing up on a weekly basis with engaging themes.”

~ Caitlin Lidsey

“Absolutely love Messy Play. So glad to be back out again and my daughter absolutely loves it. Nice range of activities, some messier than others which makes a really nice balance. Kate is so friendly and welcoming. Can’t wait for the next session!

~ Brianna Adlington

“Love going to messy play, it’s lovely to interact with others and great to make mess and leave it to be cleaned by someone other than yourself ran by lovely ladies and so friendly.

~ Jess Higman

“We love Kate and the team and have now been going to Messy play for nearly 5years and counting!!! All my girls absolutely love the free-rein messy fun and especially enjoy the bucket baths!

~ Vicky Laura

“Kate and her team are amazing at setting out different themes each week of messy fun. It’s a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, that’s lots of fun! My little boy loves coming each week.

~ Melissa Kelly

What makes investing in a My Messy Play franchise worthwhile?


By becoming a franchisee, you gain ownership of your own exclusive My Messy Play territory and business within that area. This empowers you to conduct classes, parties, and community events, giving you control over your work-life balance, all while receiving support and benefiting from an established successful business model.

We offer a distinctive fusion of sensory and messy play. Our dedication to educational quality, creativity, and joyful learning distinguishes us from others! Join us and be a part of an engaging, educational, and enjoyable adventure that leaves a lasting impression on children and families.

Given the current high demand for in-person clubs and parties, now is an ideal moment to inquire about receiving an information pack and learning more about establishing your own My Messy Play business.


Envision a realm where creativity thrives and learning becomes an enjoyable adventure – are you prepared to be a part of it?

As a franchisee with us, you’re not merely entering into a business venture; you’re stepping into a unique educational journey. We firmly believe this presents a remarkable opportunity for you if:

  • You value play-based learning and child-led play. Plus, you’re willing to do a little nursery rhyme sing song at the end of class as children adore it during bath time!
  • You possess self-motivation and resilience.
  • Organisational skills are part of your forte.
  • You have a background in education or a profound passion for Early Years education.
  • Your warmth, amiability, and approachability are evident.
  • You exude enthusiasm and align with the values of My Messy Play.

At My Messy Play, our core values form the foundation of all our endeavours. We are dedicated to delivering a top-notch educational experience right from the start, characterised by joy and fun, enriching the lives of all involved.

From our regular classes to My Messy Play Parties, we aim to nurture creativity, cultivate self-confidence, and ignite imaginations while fostering an appreciation for play-based learning and child-led play!


My Messy Play originated from a profound passion for fostering creativity and imagination in children right from the start!

As an expert in her field, Kate identified a demand for an innovative approach to early childhood education. I embarked on a mission to craft a distinctive and captivating class that brings children to life through messy and sensory play.


Your My Messy Play franchise package encompasses all essentials to kickstart your venture!

If your answer is yes and you’re passionate about our mission, why not embark on your own My Messy Play franchise journey?

  • A comprehensive starter kit, valued at over £2500, containing equipment and props.
  • Thorough lesson plans.
  • Ongoing support from Kate throughout the year, including monthly catch-up calls.
  • Branded webpage and email address.
  • Expert training and marketing resources.
  • Exclusive territory rights for operation.